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Going Home to Meet My Pups

Going Home to Meet My Pups

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  • Material:

    • Genuine Gerber onesie
  • Design:

    • Custom designs screen-printed in-house
  • Sizing:

    • Newborn
  • Uses:

    • Surprise announcement to spouse
    • Revealing pregnancy to family
    • Family announcement photo shoot
    • Maternity photo shoot
    • Baby coming home outfit
    • Fresh 48 session outfit
    • Newborn photos
    • Baby monthly milestone pictures

This "Going Home to Meet My Pups" onesie is crafted using genuine Gerber onesies, featuring custom designs that are screen-printed in-house. Customers use this onesie for various special occasions, including surprise announcements, revealing pregnancies, family photo shoots, maternity sessions, as a baby coming home outfit, for Fresh 48 sessions, newborn photos, and monthly milestone pictures.

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