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Baby Monthly Milestone Wooden Cards/ Leaves

Baby Monthly Milestone Wooden Cards/ Leaves

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  • Product Type:

    • Baby Monthly Milestone Wooden Cards/Leaves
  • Features:

    • Stylish age month collection set
    • Marks the baby's growth throughout the first year
    • Starts from a sweet "Hello World" to 12 months
  • Material:

    • Made of Natural Birch Wood
  • Size:

    • 4-inch diameter
  • Texture:

    • Sanded to perfection for a buttery soft touch
  • Variations:

    • Each disc is unique due to the natural grain of the wood
  • Purpose:

    • Captures special moments, ideal for birth announcements and milestones as the baby grows
    • Suitable for "belly" pregnancy markers using months from 1-9
    • Great for flatlays and gifts

This set of wooden cards/leaves serves as a stylish and natural way to capture and celebrate your baby's monthly milestones. The unique variations in each disc add a special touch to the collection, making it suitable for various uses, including pregnancy markers, flatlays, and gifting.

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