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Ali+Oli Pacifier Set Round

Ali+Oli Pacifier Set Round

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  • Product Description:

    • Brand: Ali+Oli
    • Product Name: Pacifier Set Round
    • Colors: Blue & Mist
  • Material:

    • High-quality medical-grade silicone
  • Unique Features:

    • Unique shield that concaves away from the baby's face, allowing ample airflow for easy breathing
    • Low-profile ring designed to help keep the pacifier in your baby's mouth longer, avoiding large bulky designs
  • Design:

    • Soft colors in blue and mist
    • Stylish, clean, and modern pacifier for the baby

This Ali+Oli Pacifier Set Round in Blue & Mist is made from high-quality medical-grade silicone. The unique design features a shield that concaves away from the baby's face, ensuring ample airflow for easy breathing. The low-profile ring is designed to keep the pacifier in the baby's mouth longer, and the soft colors in blue and mist make it a stylish, clean, and modern accessory that matches any outfit or bibs.


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